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Opportunity knows no borders, regions or territories.

To catch trades in any region, any market, on any time frame...

Get intensive forecasts for the markets you follow.

Pro Services let you choose the markets you follow and zero in on the hottest opportunities, often 24 hours a day. You get "plain-English" forecasts and labeled price charts for the markets you care about. No more, no less.

Our most expensive, specialized market forecasting services were previously reserved mostly for professional traders. But now we have unpackaged them, making them far more affordable for private investors and traders.

The good news for you is that you can select just the coverage you need, so not a penny goes to superfluous coverage. And the more services you select, the less each one costs.

Whether you take a few major positions a year or trade your favorite market during the day...

Whether your market is currencies; stocks in Europe, Asia or the United States; crude oil, interest rates or gold – or all these and more – EWI's Pro Services give you forecasts you need; forecasts you'll use. And for the depth of coverage you get, they are bargain-priced.

About the Analysts

EWI's Pro Service analysts cover nearly all major world markets for subscribers in dozens of countries across multiple continents. Each analyst brings literally decades of experience in his field. Each is handpicked by EWI's founder and CEO, Robert Prechter. And each has his own unique brand of analysis, uniting the Wave Principle with the most cutting-edge technical disciplines to deliver opportunities on the time frames that matter to active traders – all the time.

Find the markets you follow, then click on the corresponding analyst to learn more about him and his service – and even view samples of real forecasts.


U.S. Stocks
Tom Prindaville Tom Prindaville
Senior U.S.
Equity Analyst
European Stocks
Ron Feinstein Ron Feinstein
Senior European
Equity Analyst
Asian Stocks
Matthew Gress Matthew Gress
Intraday Asian
Equity Analyst
Jim Martens Jim Martens
Senior Currency
Meet Your Analysts
Global Interest Rates
Bill Fox Peter DeSario
Senior Global
Bonds Analyst
Steven Craig Steven Craig
Chief Energy
Mike Drakulich Tom Denham
Senior Metals
Peter DeSario Jeffrey Kennedy
Chief Commodity
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Pro Services cover all major world markets. And, the more you select, the less each one costs.
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Bob Prechter"These services draw from the highest-caliber, most concentrated pool of analytical talent in the world. Anyone who is serious about these markets needs these services."

-Bob Prechter
"Thanks for the excellent work on the short-term forecasts. They are wonderful and easy to understand." - J.D.
"I am very pleased with Elliott Wave [intraday] coverage of stocks. It is, by far, my favorite Elliott Wave service." - B.B.
"I'd like to compliment you on the accuracy of your forecasts. GREAT JOB!" - B.W.
"That graph is worth a thousand words. Knowing the possible intraday wave counts, I think, could make all the difference in my day trading." - H.M.
"I find it has helped my trading noticeably ... It works very well for me." - J.E.
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