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What is the Wave Principle?
A brief introduction to the Principle and its applications.

Capsule Summary
A short summary of the theory behind the Wave Principle

Basic Tenets of the Wave Principle
A condensed course on the rules and guidelines of the Wave Principle.

Outlook User Guides
"How to use" section for Outlook Products.

Welcome to the Educational Section.

Whether it is your first time to our site or even your first exposure to Elliott wave analysis, we would like to offer some useful information on the Wave Principle and our site. 

Everyone has to start somewhere. So, if your are just beginning we have frequently asked questions that new wavers ask -- see "First Time Visitor?" or "What is the Wave Principle". If you are comfortable with the Wave Theory, we have a section on how it's used by the analysts that product the Outlook products -- see "Outlook User Guides".  We have course materials on the theory and its rules and guidelines -- see "Basic Tenets of the Wave Principle".

Feel free to browse and if you have questions, contact any one of our sales representatives at 800-472-9283 or 770-534-6680.

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